BRV Youth Summer Missions

BRV Youth Summer Missions

BRV Youth: Summer Missions

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Destination: Baja, Mexico. June 22-29.

This summer, BRV is sending a team of 10 people to Maneandero, a town in Baja, Mexico.

Our work in Baja will be centered on the 25,000 person town of Maneadero, a bustling agriculture community about 120 minutes south of San Diego.  We will be serving alongside local ministry partners in a myriad of ways from block parties, to community clean-up, work projects out at Oasis Boys Home ( ), prayer on the streets etc … whatever our local ministry partners have asked us to do.  More details for this will be made available as we get closer to our arrival date as our teams exist to be an extension of our local partners which means we want to be able to serve their current needs.

We are asking that you support us as we go. Here are the two top ways you can help:


  • Pray that trip planning and preparations go smoothly.
  • Pray that all participants are able to raise the money needed to go on this trip.
  • Pray that God prepares the hearts of our volunteers and students to love and serve well on this trip.
  • Pray for strong team relationships.
  • Pray for health and safety in our travel and work.
  • Pray that God works in and through us in ways more powerful than we can even begin to imagine.

If you will commit to praying for us, please let us know! It means a lot to know that we have people supporting us as we go. Email to be added to our prayer list!


As you can imagine, the cost of a trip like this is significant. We would love it if you would consider supporting us financially. Gifts of any amount are appreciated and are tax-deductible. Use the link below. Or, checks can be mailed to 

Attn: BRV Youth
425 W Front Street
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Support our team!