Give to BRV

Give to BRV

Thanks so much for supporting the work we’re doing here at BRV.

How To Donate To BRV
You can donate to BRV with cash or check, made out to Blue Route Vineyard. You can mail it to Blue Route Vineyard, 425 W. Front St, Media, PA 19063

To give a one-time gift, click the button below.

As an organization we benefit from the predictability of recurring gifts. This helps us with budgeting for ministries and for planning for the future. If you would like to setup a recurring gift you can do so by clicking the button below

You will need to be logged into your Hub profile to set up the recurring gifts. If you don’t have a Hub profile set up, click here to set one up. If you have questions about any of this process, feel free to reach out to Sam Maskell at for help.

Donate to BRV with Venmo or Cash App
If you would like to give with Venmo or CashApp our handle is brvgive for Venmo and $brvgive for Cash App
or you can scan or click the QR codes below

Donating Stock To BRV Tax-Free
Through our parent organization, Vineyard USA, you now have the opportunity to contribute to BRV by donating stock. This method of giving allows you to transfer the full value of your stocks directly to BRV without incurring any capital gains taxes, making it an efficient way to support our church. Additionally, the donation process is streamlined and user-friendly, thanks to a service known as FreeWill. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Browse supported non-profits and type “Vineyard, USA”. Click the Vineyard USA box that appears.
Step 3: Click “Start my gift” and enter your contact information.
Step 4 : Choose your financial institution from the dropdown menu. Select either an individual account or a joint account and then click “”Add Stock or Bond”.
Step 5 : Enter the ticker symbol and the quantity you wish to donate and click “Save Stock”. If you have multiple stocks you wish to donate, simply repeat this process for each of them. When finished click “Save and Continue”.
Step 6 : This step will allow you to choose BRV as the direct recipient of your gift. Select “My Local Church”. From the dropdown “Where should this gift be directed within Vineyard USA?” select Blue Route Vineyard. When finished, click “Save and Continue”.
Step 7 : Review your gift details. Make sure that all your information is correct, especially your email address. When finished, click “Complete With DocuSign”. A DocuSign document will be sent to your email address.
Step 8 : Go to your email and open the email from “FreeWill Support via DocuSign” and click “Review Documents”. You will be asked to include your pertinent bank/brokerage details and then sign and submit the document.

Corporate Donation Matching
Numerous corporations offer employee benefits, including matching any donations you make to a 501(c)(3) organization throughout the year. Services such as facilitate these matching donation transactions. BRV is actively taking steps to register with these platforms to become eligible for matched donations. If your employer participates in matching contributions, please consider selecting BRV as your matching gift beneficiary next year. For additional details or assistance, feel free to contact Sam Maskell at