As our communities are beginning to get back together in safe ways, Blue Route Vineyard is making plans to regather in person. We are committed to loving our neighbors by gathering in the safest way possible, including following CDC and state issued guidelines.

In July, we’ll take our first steps in re-gathering: we’re planning an outdoor prayer meeting, an outdoor worship service. Also, some of our small groups and youth groups will begin to meet in homes and backyards. By the end of August, we plan to launch our live stream service, which will allow for a hybrid of on-line and in-person services as we move into the fall.

Through it all, we recognize that it will be important to continue to offer high quality on-line versions of our groups and services. Not only that, but we will continually try to improve those offerings. We all want to get back together as soon and as safely as possible and are working toward that goal.

We’ve got a quick anonymous survey to help us know how everyone is doing and to get a sense of your priorities and questions about coming back together. Please take a moment to share your thoughts.

We’re meeting online these days.
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