Covid 19 Policy

Covid 19 Policy

Updated on Jan 14, 2022

As our church staff and church leaders continue to navigate this pandemic and discern the best way we can continue to gather together while also considering the health and well-being of those in our church and the broader community, we will periodically be providing updated guidelines for our service attenders and volunteers. Thank you for your continued prayer and participation.

Individuals Experiencing Symptoms of Illness or Those Who Have Tested Positive for COVID-19…
please participate in our weekend services by joining us for our 9AM livestream service rather than attending in-person. In the winter season, COVID-19 is not the only significant virus in our community. We love seeing you at church, but we ask you only come if you are well. If you have symptoms of illness or have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 10 days, please stay home and rejoin us in-person as soon as you are able.

are the best way we can protect one another from illness. We ask that all attendees ages 2+ wear masks inside the building. If you need a mask, we have them available in the lobby (or children’s masks are available on the lower level). Please feel free to take one. Only those leading worship, giving announcements, or preaching on-stage should remove their masks. We will take every possible precaution (including current COVID-19 testing) to ensure those individuals are not a risk to others in the room.

BRV Kids….
…. classes are available for children ages 0-11 (5th grade) at our 9AM service on Sundays. The BRV Kids team is working hard to provide a safe and fun environment for our kids. We ask that children remain home if they have any symptoms of illness (this includes something “minor” like a runny nose) or have any known exposure to someone with significant illness, including COVID-19, the flu, or RSV. If you have questions about BRV Kids classes, precautions, etc. please email

… is available on Sundays beginning at 9AM via our website or YouTube for anyone who is unable to attend our worship services in-person. 

Coffee and snacks….
… are delicious, but we ask that you not consume them in the building. Because masks are the most effective way to slow the spread of illness, and must be removed to eat or drink, we are not offering our usual coffee and snacks on Sunday mornings and ask that, for the time being, you not bring your own. As always, water is available to those who need. Thank you for helping us keep one another safe.

… are essential to our ability to hold services and classes. All volunteers are asked to follow the health and safety guidelines. Are you interested in joining one of our volunteer teams? Let us know! E-mail

New attendees…
…. whether online or in-person… are encouraged to reach out! We’d love to connect with you. Please fill out our talkback.

…. are always welcome. Reach out at