Small Groups

Small Groups


We consider small groups the heart of our church. Weekly small groups provide a safe space to belong and grow in faith.  Our groups gather at different times and places  (in-person/online)  so there are many options to find the right fit for you. All are welcome!

FALL SMALL GROUPS will begin the week of 9/13. Some groups will focus on the Good & Beautiful God series,*** and others will have their own content. In each group, you can expect to engage in scripture, pray for one another, and enjoy meaningful friendships and shared life. When you’ve selected a group you’d like to try, contact the group leader for the group location or online login information. If you’d like help finding a good fit, contact Amy Ross, pastor of small group ministry at or call 610.565.1200.

***GOOD & BEAUTIFUL GOD series:  This fall our church is purposefully attempting to overcome the twin temptations of isolation and polarization. We’re aligning our services on Sunday mornings, family ministry,  and many of our small groups. Our guide will be a book called The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith; the idea being that Jesus enjoyed who God was and spent his life trying to help others know and cooperate with him.  If you could use some help buying the book email

SUNDAY | Good & Beautiful God 
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm | IN-PERSON, also online,*  contact leader for location
Jennifer and Jeremy Hogan | | 405 570 4101
This fall we will be gathering in person to encourage one another in our faith. We also will have an online link* for those who prefer to join us virtually. We’ll be using the book, The Good & Beautiful God as a guide for our group. We’ll pray, challenge each other and make time for laughter too. You’re welcome to join!
7:00 pm  – 8:30 pm (bi-weekly, begin 10/5) | ONLINE, contact leader for login info
Mona Price and Dalissy Washington |
When you and your spouse are on the same path of marriage but different places on your faith journey it’s good to get together with other women who share this experience. This is a topic, discussion, and prayer small group. Our discussions will center on scripture as we seek to grow in our faith and as partners in our marriages.

TUESDAY | MEN’S GROUP| Good & Beautiful God
12:00 pm – 12:55 pm | ONLINE Call or email for zoom link
Brady Shuert and Mark Tindall | | 610.565.1200
This fall we’ll be using the book, The Good & Beautiful God, as a guide for our group. We’ll encourage one another to grow in our faith and the spiritual practices which help us partner with God. This group is designed for guys who have been walking with the Lord for at least 3 years and who want to keep growing. Every meeting will begin promptly over lunch and end at a predictable time. 

 TUESDAY | BRIDGE GROUP | Good & Beautiful God
6:45 pm – 8:00 pm | IN- PERSON (outdoors while the weather permits) contact leader for location
Vito Funari, Brad Ettien, and Amy Ross || 610.245.9117
Our group seeks to create a safe space to bridge people from different experiences together as we pursue freedom in Christ. We envision this group to include those who have been affected by substance abuse, either personally or through a loved one, as well as people who have no connection with substance abuse but feel they want to pursue greater freedom in Christ.  We’d be honored to have you join us as we discuss the book, The Good & Beautiful God, pray for one another, and seek to grow in life-giving spiritual practices in our daily lives.

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm | ONLINE, contact leader for login info
Tish Mayo | | 610.627.4643
This fall we will do a verse by verse Bible study with lively participation. This term we will be studying Romans. We are a caring, supportive group and all are welcome.

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm | IN-PERSON & ONLINE on alternating weeks, contact leader for details
Lindsey McAleese | 610.945.6299 | Kyunghee Baxter |  484.431.1525
We have been together as a group for a year or so and would be happy to have new members join us. This fall we are doing a study called, “Waiting for God.” The material is very timely during Covid-19 and all the unknowns. We share, pray, study, laugh, and generally encourage each other in the Lord.

7:00 pm-9:00 pm | IN-PERSON (outdoors while the weather permits, then we’ll make some adjustments), contact leader for details
Pat Brodeur || 267.402.0493
This fall we will continue going through John’s gospel with the help of N.T. Wright’s study guide. We will also incorporate spiritual practices, prayer, and silence from week to week.

TUESDAY | Good & Beautiful God 
7:45 pm-9:00 pm | ONLINE, contact leader for login info
Amy Carnall | | 610.565.1200
This fall we will be supporting one another as we seek to hear what God has for us in this unfamiliar season. We’ll be using the book, The Good & Beautiful God as a guide for our group. Our goal is to be a community that supports one another and provides encouragement. You’re welcome to join!

WEDNESDAY | WOMEN’S  GROUP |  Good & Beautiful God 
9:30 am – 11:00 am | ONLINE, contact leader for login info
Gwen Thompson & Cindy D’Asaro | |  630-551-1039 (no texts)
Come join us for fellowship, building community among women from all stages of life, and practical application of the Bible. This fall we will be discussing the book, The Good & Beautiful God.

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm |  ONLINE, 9/16 – 12/16, contact leader for login details
Beth Pettyjohn | |
Suffering the loss of loved one can often make someone feel alone as they wrestle with questions of why and the different emotions they may be feeling. GriefShare is a grief recovery support group where you can find help and healing for the hurt of losing a loved one while coming together with others who have also lost someone. This program contains elements of video seminars, group discussions, and personal reflection. $15 for participant workbook. Please contact the group leader for access to videos and how to obtain a workbook.

WEDNESDAY | Good & Beautiful God
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm | IN-PERSON, call for location 
Jared Tindall | | 484.620.1442
This fall, we will explore ways that we can engage in spiritual disciplines to grow in our relationship with God and others, using the book, The Good & Beautiful God. We will also worship together and pray for one another each week.  Come join us as we seek to be better disciples of Jesus and press into real community together.

WEDNESDAY | Good & Beautiful God
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm (9/23 – 11/18) | ONLINE, contact leader for login info (will occasionally gather in-person as well)
Jesse Bean & Kristine Young | | 215.983.9967
We will gather virtually to discuss James Bryan Smith’s The Good and Beautiful God and encourage one another to lean into the practices and rhythms that lead to the good life. We’ll also worship, pray for, and encourage one another during this season.

WEDNESDAY | MEN’S GROUP| Good & Beautiful God 
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm | ONLINE, contact leader for login info (will occasionally gather in-person as well)
Isaiah McAleese | | 215.219.3289
We’ll gather virtually to discuss James Bryan Smith’s The Good and Beautiful God, pray, and encourage one another in our faith.

8:30 pm – 9:45 pm | ONLINE| contact leader for login info
Evie Jarrett |
The woman described in Proverbs, Chapter 31 is living an abundant life because she is rightly connected to God. Join us as we learn together what being a Proverbs 31 woman really means and encourage each other to grow as followers of Jesus. We are a new group so this is a great time to join us online.

12:45 pm  – 1:45 pm | ONLINE, begins 9/24, contact leader for login info
Amy Ross | | 484 326 6906
What is faith without action? Love without mercy? Join me for a lunchtime group to dive deeply into the Book of James in the New Testament. This new group will be a good fit for men and women who are ready to be authentic with one another, read the Bible between group meetings, and commit to specific action steps to grow in the living out our faith.

THURSDAY |  Good & Beautiful God
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm | IN-PERSON in Folcroft,  contact leader for location
Erica Anderson | | 609.605.0552
Our group intends to grow in relationship with God and each other. We will use the book by James Bryan Smith, The Good and Beautiful God, with the rest of the church, as a guide. The book is not required to join us! New people are welcome.

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm | IN-PERSON (online available if necessary) contact leader for location
Scott and Becky McCollum | | 610.945.8469
Our group will study the Bible together,  pray, and encourage each other in our faith. This fall our content will be the Promises of God – A foundation for faith and hope. New people are always welcome.

THURSDAY | Good & Beautiful God
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm | ONLINE
Keri Rosen | | 215.878.6244 please call after 6pm
To join by video: click here | To join by phone, dial:1 413-998-6087 (PIN: 547437365)
This group is for people who need to know that “this is not the end,” especially those living with depression. We will explore spiritual ways of dealing with difficult or seemingly intractable situations. We’ll worship, pray and encourage each other as we read The Good and Beautiful God together. 

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm | ONLINE, contact leader for login info
David and Charlotte Johnston | | 610.755.8119
We will use NT Wright’s commentary on John, Part II, to continue discussing this gospel and listening to what Jesus is saying to us today. We share our burdens and pray for one another.

FRIDAY | CHERRY HILL, NJ | Good & Beautiful God
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm  (bi-weekly, begins 9/18) | ONLINE, contact leader for login info
Vera Lee | | 610.563.7876
We are a kinship group located in South Jersey and we couldn’t be more excited to have a BRV presence in the Garden State. This fall we will discuss The Good and Beautiful God,  pray, and fellowship.  All are welcome. 

10:00 am – Noon | IN PERSON, contact leader for location
Linda Milne & Duane Belgrave Jr. |, 609 605-8471  |, 484-832-1078
We are a group of people who come together to worship God; read and apply Scripture; and practice authenticity with God, ourselves, and each other. This semester we will be focusing on inner healing and intimacy. We find that these things are crucial in the process of becoming who God has made us to be. Come and join us!