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Lent 2024

Every year, Lent gives us the opportunity to live more simply and sacrificially as we focus on following Jesus. To help with that, this year we are encouraging these practices, beginning February 14, Ash Wednesday.

ask God daily to speak to you
Take five minutes of silence to start each day, inviting the Lord to speak to us.


During Lent, millions of Christians are fasting from something. Fasting often involves not eating food in some way. Sometimes, that can be a total abstention, a “water fast.” We don’t recommend these last beyond a couple of days unless you have a good deal of experience fasting and are under a doctor’s supervision. And we also don’t recommend water fasts if you’ve ever suffered from an eating disorder. Other fasts involve not eating a certain kind of food or eliminating tv or social media—anything that feels costly to give up for a bit while you focus on being close to God.

reflect with a trusted teacher

Find NT Wright’s Lent for Everyone, available digitally for your phone or tablet. Download The Bible App, produced by YouVersion and Life. Church. You can find it at bible.com or your app store. Sign up if you haven’t already and go to the “plans” section. There you’ll find Dr. Wright’s devotional. Read his thoughts and the related scripture each day.
Or buy the book, Lent for Everyone: Matthew, Year A: A Daily Devotional.

ask big

Nehemiah asked BIG. He had a big dream and when he got a chance he asked the king for resources, people and time to live it out. As Lent proceeds, develop your big request, try to develop it in line with God’s will and ways. And then ask him for it.