Meeting In Person FAQs

Meeting In Person FAQs

What to Expect on Sunday

What can I expect upon arrival?
The worship service will begin at 11AM. We ask you to arrive a bit early to find seating before the service begins, but we request attendees not socialize in the church building. If you arrive early enough to chat with our greeters and other attendees, please feel free to do so outdoors.

Will Children’s Ministry be offered?
We are working to relaunch BRV Kids classes starting the first week of July. To do so, we need additional volunteers. If you are able to help make this happen, please contact

Will there be singing?
Those in attendance will be able to sing while keeping masks on.

Will the cafe be available?
Typically, our hospitality team loves providing snacks and coffee for our church attenders at our cafe, but that is not feasible at this time. For the time being, our cafe will be closed and we ask attendees not bring any outside food or beverages.

What will limited capacity, modified services look like?
Resuming Sunday, June 6, we’re offering a hybrid Sunday worship service (in-person and online) each week at 11AM. You can register each week, starting Mondays at noon. To maintain social distancing we ask that attendees not socialize inside the church building. Instead, we would love for you all to catch up and hang out on the front lawn.

Do I have to register to attend service?
Yes, registration is required to attend for everyone over the age of one. It will open on Mondays at noon and remain open unless maximum capacity is reached. If you register but are unable to attend, for whatever reason, please cancel your registration so that others can participate with in-person services. To cancel, please email

Can I invite a visitor? Will there be room for them?
Absolutely! Simply note that visitors should also register in advance.

What measures will you take to screen attendees before services?
When registering to attend service, individuals/families will be asked to self-evaluate their own health and remain home if there is a chance they or someone they have been in close contact with is ill. 

Do I have to wear a mask?
Yes, all persons (ages 2+) must wear a mask at all times upon arrival at the church building and for the duration of their time indoors. Face shields can be worn in addition to a mask, but do not qualify as a mask to be worn individually. 

Will the pastors and worship leaders be wearing masks?
All staff and volunteers will wear masks. However, during the service, the worship leaders and preachers will need to remove their masks in order to perform their worship activities. Appropriate distance will be observed.

What additional cleaning and disinfection measures will you take?
CDC guidelines will be followed, and frequently touched surfaces (such as door handles, pews, countertops and bathrooms) will be wiped down before and after service. Hand sanitizer will be available for use throughout the building.

Will we have access to the restrooms?
Yes, the restrooms on the upper level will be open, but for the time being they have been converted into individual restrooms.

What if we still don’t feel comfortable returning at this time? Will livestream be available?
That is perfectly ok! We strongly encourage individuals who are immunocompromised, considered to be high risk, unwell, unable to register or uncomfortable attending in-person services to stay at home and participate online via livestream.